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About Us

Foundation Purpose

Ankara University European Research Center is an interdisciplinary research and training center founded to promote knowledge and understanding of the European Union (EU), its member states, and Turkey-EU relations. It is the oldest institution in its academic field in Turkey. It was founded in 1987, the year in which Turkey applied to the European Community for membership.


● to organize training programs on the various aspects of the EU particularly for the civil servants, employees of the private sector and NGOs, and new graduates of the universities;

● to conduct and promote high level research studies that facilitate the understanding of the EU and EU related issues;

● to organize panels, conferences and cultural events to disseminate the results of its activities, encourage studies and stimulate national and international cooperation devoted to various subjects of the EU;

● to create and take part in the projects and programs that aim Turkey's harmonization with various EU programs;

● to publish the outcome of its activities and new research work carried out by members of the research community in various European languages.


The European Research Center carries out research and provides various training, publishing and networking services to the academic and non-academic community in EU related issues.


European Research Center is home to surveys on Turkey-EU relations and EU developments with the backing of the Ankara University, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), various Ministries, and Secretariat General for EU Affairs as well as the EU Commission.


Another mission of the European Research Center is to provide technical support and consultancy services to academic units, public institutions, local administrations and private sector firms in order to assist them to benefit from the EU Projects.

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